Sex addiction is on everybody’s lips.  Wanking is not only the fervent pursuit of teenage boys but many well respected men. Addiction to pornography is bandied about by feminists and academics, as a societal problem of great concern. Christian groups are providing workshops for sexually addicted men to beat the demonic urges with prayer. Why are some of us addicted to genital stimulation and others not so actively concerned? Is it a satanic attack on good Christian men? Are there demons at work on the flies and zippers of men?

I feel sorry for the guy who must mount this primal urge, again and again. I sympathise with the sex addict and the porn addict. As a young Christian woman I am persuaded by the prevalence of this scourge within our community to do something about it. To take the matter in hand, so to speak. To bravely bare my bits for the protection of the men in our midst. I feel like the dutiful daughter who disrobes for the friends of her father, so as to keep the lid on sin. I will take one for the team and learn to love these men.

Some of my friends ask me, “Tina how can you as a good Christian be involved in something so essentially demeaning as pornography?”

My answer is thus, “These men need an outlet, a release valve for their animalistic appetites. Would you rather they prey upon women in the streets, girls in schools?”

They counter, “But how can you bear to have these lascivious men ogling your body and its secret places?”

I answer, without boast, “Jesus died on the cross for our sins, His father sacrificed his only begotten son so that we could be free of eternal sin. What I am doing is such a small thing in comparison. I sacrifice my reputation as a good woman. I bathe in the fluids of many men. I excite the natures of normally upstanding men to bend over me. I am a slut, a harlot, a Jezebel.”

Addiction to sex and addiction to porn is a reality and someone must entertain that reality. I soothe the savage beast and milk the kindness from the thrusting devil. I turn a sin into an act of human contrition. I provide a saucy but welcome service for the unspoken needs within our community. I do not turn the addict away and I do not judge the sinner. I am merely Tina, the webcam girl.

Helping Overcome Webcam Addiction