Transcending Temptation

Was Jesus a man or a God? If Jesus was both human and divine did his human bits stir at the sight of woman? I know that talk, such as this, can be considered sinful and sacrilegious, but I would like to know. And I know that many other Christians would like to know this and have thought about this. If we are born with desire, then why is it seen as bad and unhealthy by some Christians and many Churches?

Did Jesus have feelings for Mary Magdalene? Was he a man for Mary? The early Church fathers have frowned upon questions and ideas such as these. Paul was not a big fan of women in general, in both letters to Corinthians and to Timothy, Paul was against women teaching or having power within the Church. As a Greek Jew, Paul was, first and foremost, a salesman for the Christian religion; he would say whatever his audience was most likely to hear. But the fact of the matter is that the rise of Christianity in the ancient world was intrinsically linked to its appeal to women. Many influential women in Roman times converted to Christianity and donated their riches to the early Church. Christianity attracted the dispossessed, women and the poor; it gave them a voice in their communities.

We have had the Dan Brown version of events, with Mary and Jesus being married and having children. So, in this reading of history, of course, Jesus had sex with Mary. The Church, after Constantine, sought to make Jesus divine and not a man, the miracles were emphasised to appeal to unsophisticated and gullible minds. Christianity was made special, beyond nature, God and Jesus were made of the same divine stuff. Jesus’ balls and dick were put away and shrouded in the resurrection; less erection and more transfiguration.

But real men have real needs and I know this to be true. My Christianity is based on my experiential, my ‘a posterior’ knowledge of men and their sexual urges. I Kant help myself in this knowledge; it is based on the facts. I see Jesus as a man, with manly inclinations, but with a grace beyond most men in his dealings with his base self. I think that Jesus would approve of what I am doing as a webcam girl, and that He would see my service as a Christian one. Sex addiction and today’s porn addiction, are realities, and Jesus, I like to think, dealt with realities. He would say,” Bless you Tina, for you are the lamb of the world, laying down your innocence for the sins of the world.”

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