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The Nature of Lust

I ask myself, what is the nature of love? What is the nature of lust and attraction? Why do men seek to spread their seed? I know that the human species must copulate to survive. I think that Darwin had some of the right idea, in that the survival of the species is dependent upon procreation.  The sexual urge is embedded deeply into the male and he must act on his inclinations. Pornography, voyeurism, watching a woman display her sex can be outlets, less disruptive to the status quo of ongoing relationships and families.

Pornography can be seen as demeaning for women, for the woman involved who is displaying her sex to a viewing audience. Pornography can send the wrong message to the unsophisticated mind of the young, that women are for one thing and one thing only. But these watchers of porn, whether young or old, have mothers and sisters who would spend most of their lives completing tasks, like cooking and cleaning, unrelated to the sexual act. I come to the conclusion that there is no absolute right or absolute wrong when considering pornography.

Men and boys, and women too, are made to have sex; we all have been created thus to prolong the existence of humanity. The longing to enter, to rise up, to be king is a man’s prerogative; a primal urge. A woman to acquiesce, to open and love the seed, is our way. Not all the time, of course, there are other more everyday tasks that fill our days, but at the right time there is magic in the air.

What happens when these natural inclinations do not coincide, or when a boy, or a man, is alone without a partner? The heat in the pelvis has to be released. The sperm in the testes seeks an ejaculation. Watching a woman touch herself down there via a digital screen can entice the imagination of the man to masturbate himself to a climax. The virtual act becomes as real to the body as if he was really there; touching her hair, smelling her fragrance and penetrating her body.

Would God give us the ability to pleasure ourselves if it was truly wrong? Some of us have stronger sexual urges than others, it is true. The desire to be raised up and to come in a blaze of glory is more with some than it is with some others. Why is this so? I fear that answers to questions like these can never be found, but the urge prevails. Come, I say, in the presence of my sex and be saved.

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