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Dancing To Deter Addiction

Dancing to deter addiction is not a novel idea. Dancing is a great form of exercise. Most people wanting to get fit would rather dance than do regular exercise. And those wanting to lose weight would do exercise often would put in music for accompaniment. So it does not vary much from standard dancing.

Dancing is an awesome activity for children. Channeling their energy this way is beneficial for their health. Being occupied with something that interests them is preferable than brooding. Idle hands and idle minds can lead one astray. Dancing can also teach discipline and hard work. And it is fun! That is why it is not hard to teach children dancing. Their bodies are so limber it’s sometimes enviable. But most children will not be able to immediately learn fancy dance steps. The best time to introduce dance is around the ages of 3 to 5. Their bodies are still pliant. But the lessons given are mostly for fun. Teachers can only teach basic coordination at this age

After toddler-hood, around the ages 7 to 10, a child will have fewer impulses and can start serious training. The earlier lessons have kept their bodies supple and flexible. At this stage there will be more room to perform range of motion, stamina and muscle memory. It is also at this stage that children would show signs of whether they would love to do this for the rest of their lives.


Most children would not qualify to be prima ballerina candidates. This should not be a reason for any of us to stop dancing. Because dancing to deter addiction not just benefits your physical health but also your mental health. It also improves posture and confidence. Exercise releases endorphins that gives one a positive feeling. Music has this ability to strike a chord and affects moods. Combining the two could only make one feel positively ecstatic. 

Learning to dance professionally needs more than just a few dance lessons, after school care activities or excursions here and there. But these school dances could be the start of a lifelong love affair with dance.

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Is Masturbation More Evil Than Real Sex?

Masturbation can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. In a religious point of view, we should prevail over our sexual desires and fantasies. Since masturbation often involves lust, our religion taught us to get the better of our lechery. We should exercise sexual self-control as lust results to an increase in sexual cravings and an intense desire to satisfy them.

In a different perspective, masturbation is good for your health and your relationship. Instead of looking for rates for real girls to get off with, some men opt to stream porn flicks and stimulate themselves as a means of reaching sexual satisfaction. However, some believe that masturbation is just as evil, or probably more evil, than real sex. Is there a basis for it?

Is Masturbation More Evil Than Real Sex?

Just like sex, masturbation is normal in the biological sense. It is in our nature to attend to our sexual cravings. But in the moral sense, masturbation is a taboo topic as it involves one’s sexuality. Basically, masturbation isn’t exactly immoral. However, the sexual fetishes and kinks that go alongside with it are.

People masturbate while watching or looking at visual stimulants. But as religious texts put it, having sexual desires for someone who isn’t your husband or wife is adultery of the heart. You might as well get in bed with him/her, if that’s the case. For single guys or girls, indulging in some sexual fantasies on someone is kind of okay, even if it encourages sexual thoughts. However, married couples are not supposed to desire someone else as this desecrates their vows to their husbands or wives.

The Problem with Masturbation

If we don’t exercise self-control and give in to the desires of the flesh, it will have an effect on our sexual relationships in the long run. In fact, people who frequently masturbate can’t have normal sexual encounters with their partners. Little do they know that each time they pleasure themselves on their own, they are slowly teaching their body to have an instant reaction to lust. Because of this, the joys and pleasures of having intimacy with your husband or wife decreases. More often than not, their sex life is associated with frustration, futility and lack of fulfillment. In this case, masturbation is more wicked than real sex.

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Compassion in the Face of Temptation

Humankind is in a perpetual hormonal drift, and even in a 24-hour cycle there may be times when even the most pious lose their moral compass. Would that it were not so.

Of course some of that drifting is not a daily biorhythmic wavering, but a longer-term, more gargantuan and deeply more challenging waywardness, and this is my challenge – to help men in particular to come back to the fold and away from the lonely path that leads to sin and unconscionable acts.

In a 16-hour day of wakefulness, where are your weak moments? In bed before going to sleep when your hands wander and your sexual imagination fires up? In a nightclub after a few drinks? In the middle of the afternoon when your blood sugar drops and the solution is a chocolate bar when in the office, but on weekends, the urge to masturbate and all its sinful offspring gather against one’s better judgement?

At such moments of human weakness, where do you turn – to porn and all its feverish demeanings of women – and men?

A man who is repressed may find porn easy to access, and its relative anonymity may help him cover up his activity even for himself. Many Christian men who have spoken to me about their porn addiction say that even, post-orgasm, their inclination to fall fast asleep acts as a buffer of self-denial. Upon awakening, they give their masturbatory sin no thoughts whatsoever, they forget it even happened. These men would never believe that they are in a state of porn-reliance, and indeed they may mask from themselves that an out-and-out porn addiction is what they’re truly in the grip of.

Most men are visually inclined, and thus porn is their first port of call on their journey into deviance. Nowadays it is incredibly pervasive, and there is so much free porn available on the internet that it’s a wonder anyone buys a subscription at all – certainly subscription to porn channels are more for the hard core fetishists e.g. men who simply must see blondes having sex with black men, or compulsive bondage addicts. But there are some men for whom the auditory canal is a greater source of eroticism.

Such men in their moment of weakness feel the urge to call a phone sex operator, and many have it honed to a fine art – they only call when gathering steam towards the peak of arousal, and then the short phone conversation allows them to release their vulgar language and get off the call as quickly as possible.

The action men, however, are cast with a deeper struggle. For them the visual or auditory cannot match their stronger, more physical urges. These urges will often take them upon a journey in their car, even accessing public transport, so they can find escorts or brothels in their neighbourhood or city. The greatest excuse for succumbing to temptation may be in fact when they’re traveling, as they can, in their minds, leave their sins out there in the big bad world, rather than holding themselves to account when they, in everyday life, pass by places reminding them of their red light deeds.

Indeed one of my closest comrades in Christianity confided to me that he would never pursue an encounter with an escort in the USA or Europe, but when he went to Australia – on missionary work no less – he began looking into escorts in Melbourne and if not for some very fervent praying, he admitted he was in the thrall of this exotic opportunity to sin away from home.

It’s no secret that this website has been acquired from a defunct web cam business and upon here the Christian viewpoint can now play itself out in the spirit of compassion – and so I invite men who have these struggles to engage in a web cam experience with me and my team where we provide counselling which has empathy towards your true soul in the face of these dangers of temptation. They are all around, and web-chat we understand may not be enough – you need someone to talk to who is anonymous but very much with you.

It’s also possible to talk to us if you’re struggling with issues around feeling gay. We’re here to love the sinner even if we dislike (hate is too harsh a word) the sin. We even have an ex-transexual on hand to discuss with you such challenges of gender identity.

It’s time to turn the web cam experience on its head and make the internet more of a place for spiritual support. We also invite web cam girls to talk to us about the struggles they have – isolation, poverty, humiliation and their entrapment in work they do not condone or believe in. Please girls feel free to contact us so we can help your spirit shine – you are more than this objectification that men in their moments of depravity project onto you.

So far we have begun journeys of counselling with people who have confessed the following temptations: voyeurism, exhibitionism, a fascination with sex toys, BDSM fantasies, confessions of adultery and affairs, favouring porn over intimacy with their life partners, inability to stop swearing and the use of obscene words, an obsession with cuckolding, arousal from erotic art, compulsive masturbation, and the secret wearing of titillating lingerie.

God walks with you and wants you to achieve your greatest potential in life. But the ways of the Devil are swift – most surely he makes work for idle hands. Talk to God through prayer whenever you can, but if you feel that you’re on the verge of sinning, contact me and my team and we will help you transcend your temptations. We will pray with you for as long as you like, and our costs are much cheaper than your typical web cam girl – they will charge you around $4-5 per minute, we charge just 60 cents per minute – enough to pay our salaries and the costs of connection.

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The Nature of Lust

I ask myself, what is the nature of love? What is the nature of lust and attraction? Why do men seek to spread their seed? I know that the human species must copulate to survive. I think that Darwin had some of the right idea, in that the survival of the species is dependent upon procreation.  The sexual urge is embedded deeply into the male and he must act on his inclinations. Pornography, voyeurism, watching a woman display her sex can be outlets, less disruptive to the status quo of ongoing relationships and families.

Pornography can be seen as demeaning for women, for the woman involved who is displaying her sex to a viewing audience. Pornography can send the wrong message to the unsophisticated mind of the young, that women are for one thing and one thing only. But these watchers of porn, whether young or old, have mothers and sisters who would spend most of their lives completing tasks, like cooking and cleaning, unrelated to the sexual act. I come to the conclusion that there is no absolute right or absolute wrong when considering pornography.

Men and boys, and women too, are made to have sex; we all have been created thus to prolong the existence of humanity. The longing to enter, to rise up, to be king is a man’s prerogative; a primal urge. A woman to acquiesce, to open and love the seed, is our way. Not all the time, of course, there are other more everyday tasks that fill our days, but at the right time there is magic in the air.

What happens when these natural inclinations do not coincide, or when a boy, or a man, is alone without a partner? The heat in the pelvis has to be released. The sperm in the testes seeks an ejaculation. Watching a woman touch herself down there via a digital screen can entice the imagination of the man to masturbate himself to a climax. The virtual act becomes as real to the body as if he was really there; touching her hair, smelling her fragrance and penetrating her body.

Would God give us the ability to pleasure ourselves if it was truly wrong? Some of us have stronger sexual urges than others, it is true. The desire to be raised up and to come in a blaze of glory is more with some than it is with some others. Why is this so? I fear that answers to questions like these can never be found, but the urge prevails. Come, I say, in the presence of my sex and be saved.

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